It is necessary to distinguish between homosexuality as a form satisfactory clips on the same floor (the heart) to get in a period of life of homosexual behavior. The latter can be formed, and a person with sexual orientation and sex under the influence of external factors relevant (assault and coercion, curiosity, greed). They called these people randomly inverted, or psevdogomoseksualami. In the West and the US, we offer more than homosexuality - not a pathology, a citalopram basic variant, has the same right to exist as the relationship with the opposite sex. However, in recent years, a new wave of discrimination against homosexuality came into contact with the spread of AIDS, especially among homosexuals. Blindfolded - communication devices and tissues of the central nervous system through the nerves. discrimination or centripetal innervation Ward (organ and tissue of the central nervous system) and the support or centrifugation (central nervous system to organs and tissues).

Informatie de interes pentru detinatorii unui numar EORI


Operatorii economici si alte persoane carora le-a fost atribuit un numar EORI au obligatia sa notifice directia regionala vamala care a atribuit numarul EORI asupra modificarii oricarora dintre datele cuprinse in cerere si in documentele anexate la aceasta.

Avand in vedere ca au fost constatate neconcordante intre datele continute in aplicatia EORI-RO si informatiile de la O.N.R.C., A.N.A.F. si M.F.P., toate persoanele care au fost inregistrate cu numar EORI au obligatia ca pana la data de 15.12.2014 sa-si actualizeze, daca este cazul, datele cuprinse in cererea de atribuire a numarului EORI.

Actualizarea datelor se efectueaza potrivit prevederilor art. 18 din Ordinul Vicepresedintelui A.N.A.F. Nr. 1554/2009.


            !!!Atragem atentia ca aceasta actualizare trebuie efectuata ori de cate ori apar modificari ale datelor inscrise in cererea de atribuire a numarului EORI. Existenta unor date incorecte sau incomplete poate conduce la imposibilitatea efectuarii formalitatilor de vamuire.


Cadru legal: art. 17 din Ordinul vicepresedintelui A.N.A.F. Nr. 1554/2009


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